4 Social Media Tips for 2016

4 Social Media Tips for 2016

hands-1167618_640If you’ve managed to reach 2016 without experimenting with social media and you run an online business or a website, it’s really about time you stopped cutting off a great source of potential visitors! We understand the biggest reason people give for putting off social media management is that they don’t have time. It does take some time to log in and post updates, although this can be much quicker if you know what you’re doing. Going in with no defined approach or plan will cost you a lot more time, so we’ve come up with the following top tips to point you in the right direction.

  1. Visual content is the best content

If you just post text or links with nothing engaging to look at, chances are any message you put out there is going to be overlooked and drown in the sea of information. Adding creative graphics should be essential for anything you post online if you want people to take notice and get some value from your post. Visual content is a lot more shareable and memorable!

  1. Video is really taking off

This has been true for a while, but increasingly social networks are making it easier than ever to incorporate video players into their user interfaces. GIFs and Vines are shared on Twitter much more rapidly than static text and graphics, plus Facebook favours native video content and pushes it to the top of people’s news feeds. Take advantage of this any way you can!

  1. Social networks are search engines

Search functions vary on each social network and each one is set up to make it easier for its own users to locate the content they want fast. That’s why it’s important to focus on the networks that are most relevant to your business and ensure your posts are optimised for your audience.

  1. Treat your customers well

If you approach your official business social media account with the wrong mindset you won’t be able to communicate effectively. If you find potential customers, engage with them over mutual interests and meaningful discussion rather than taking a sales approach. If you encounter complaints about your brand, work with people to find constructive solutions. After all, the most vocal critics will probably promote you more when you turn it around with great customer service.