WolframAlpha – Computational Knowledge Search Engine

I’ve had a draft post sitting here regarding WolframAlpha for several months now, and thought I’d better share it with you before it’s really old news.

I really like where they are going with WolframAlpha.com, as a web reference. Although the name and Internet address are terrible in regards to SE).  Previsously, before I saved a link to the web site, I had to search all over the web every time I wanted to look something up because I could never remember the name. We can only home they will come up with something easier to remember, type, and spell, in the long run.

This “computational search engine” gives us useful, easy to read statistics, and graphs that help answer specific questions such as: how far is the moon.
WolframAlpha search query- How far is the moon?

Hopefully you can see in the above image – it gives us: the current distance from earth, and the average distance from earth; among many other great stats.

Unfortunately, there were several search queries I made where no data was found. Information I would have expected to find specifically on this site. I’m sure information is being added to the database daily. Let’s just see if they come up with an more memorable name.

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