Guess Which Email Optin Form Gets the Most Blog Subscriptions

email subscribe boxesI’m sure you have a good idea which email opt-in form placements work well on blogs, but have you actually figured out the numbers? If not, don’t worry, I’ll share mine with you in a minute.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been delving into our email analytics because I’m putting together an extremely helpful new follow-up series for the subscribers of this website.

While doing so I compiled a list of important statistics, including which opt-in placements are performing the best on the blog.

Currently we have three main subscribe boxes.

email subscription placements

All three of them use my free eBook to entice subscribers and earn their trust – which, by the way, is the single best thing I’ve ever done to this site to gain subscribers.

We’ve been using these three placements for nearly two years, each with very similar descriptions.

For my analysis I’ve taken a large sample of subscriptions, about 18 months worth, and compiled the data to share with you below.


If you guessed the sidebar, then you ALMOST got it right. It was our second best overall performer with 42.3% of all our email subscribers signing up using this form. The sidebar form was displayed on every single webpage.


Did you guess this location? It was our single best performer overall. 52.9% of email subscribers used the form displayed at the bottom of each blog post. It terms of subscriptions to impressions, this location did even better because it was only displayed at the bottom of each blog post and not other webpages on the site, unlike the sidebar form was.


This location only received a small number of subscriptions when compared to the other two – 4.8% overall. However, 28% of unique commenters who didn’t subscribe using one of the other two methods, subscribed to our newsletter when they left a blog comment. That’s a pretty significant number considering they probably wouldn’t have subscribed otherwise.

That was:

  • Post – 52.9%
  • Sidebar – 42.3%
  • Comment – 4.8% (28% of commenters)

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I had a pretty good idea they were all performing well, which is why I use those placements on other websites as well. But I had never crunched the numbers before.

Luckily, there’s several other companies who’ve figured this out too and created plugins to make it easy for you to set this up within minutes.

I designed the sidebar and post subscribe forms myself, but am currently using Action Comments to add blog commenters who opt-in to our email list.

This was the only utility I knew of at the time, but it looks like Aweber has since come out with a free plugin too. So be sure to check with your email provider before spending any money.

Also Maxblopress has created Subscriber Magnet which allows you to easily target all three of these locations, plus more. And Premium List Magnet is supposed to work on non WordPress websites.

If you don’t want to mess with setting this up yourself, there’s plenty of people on Fiverr who can help you out.

If it’s purely advertising you’re interested in, these locations work great for that too!

What does this have to do with SEO?

Some of you may be wondering what this post has to do with SEO. It actually has everything to do with it! With all of the competition and Google updates, it’s getting extremely difficult to create niche sites that rank well for very long without building an audience and creating a brand.

No matter what type of business you run, one of the best things you can do for SEO is turn your website visitors into subscribers and fans. People rarely link to websites they know nothing about or don’t have a relationship with. Since we started offering the eBook I wrote and added those three opt-in forms, our subscriber count went way up, our return visitors significantly increased and are articles are getting more social shares and backlinks.

Moreover, when we announced our new member tools an email went out to all of our subscribers, which resulted in a massive number of sign-ups within just a few minutes. That wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have active subscribers, and we would have had to blow a bunch of money to get people to our site that fast.

Popup Forms

I still haven’t tested popup forms on this website yet, but am thinking about it in the near future. I’m just worried they will be a nuisance. However, nearly every website I visit seems to be using them these days, including Aweber. Maybe people are getting used to them now??

What subscription methods or lead capture forms are working well for you?

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