What Makes a Quality Directory?

Paying to get listed in web directories is probably one of the most controversial issues when it comes to SEO. I’ve recommended a few quality directories on this website for awhile. Since I still get so many people asking if it is “really” okay to submit to directories, I thought it would be helpful to let you hear directly from Google that not all directories are not considered bad and some business directories do actually carry weight!

So what makes a quality directory?

Here’s a video with Matt Cutt’s giving advice on what to look for:

I know of several SEOs who say all directories are bad, and you’re bad if you submit to them. But you can see from this video that is simply just not the case. What’s bad is the number of “experts” blogging about things that just aren’t true.

From the video:

How to Identify a Quality Web Directory

  • They also seek out quality websites rather than just waiting for submissions
  • Strict editorial guidelines
  • High Standards
  • Cost of directory
  • Offer value-added

What is a Low-quality Directory

  • Everyone gets in
  • Whatever anchor text you want
  • Automatic approval process

Now you have it directly from the horse’s mouth – when looking for link sources, a few high-quality web directories such as Yahoo! and BOTW are okay by Google, and can even help increase your search engine rankings.

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