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web ceoIf you found this page looking for Web CEO promo codes, then you probably already know everything you can do with Web CEO, and you can simply scroll down to find the latest 2012 Web CEO promo code, coupon, discount or special. However, if you don’t know much about WebCEO, then you may want to consider reading my highlight summary down a bit further.

Web CEO: Desktop

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Web CEO: Online

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Web CEO Highlights

Web CEO is a trusted software company that has been building website promotion and SEO tools for over 10 years. They seem to be one of the most reasonably priced too. I have been using their desktop software for several years now. Their software offers many great features allowing you to:

  • Explore your keywords and niche
  • Optimize your web pages
  • Submit your site to search engines and directories
  • Find and manage link partnerships
  • Manage your PPC campaigns
  • Monitor your search engine rankings
  • Analyze your link popularity
  • Audit your website quality
  • Create, email and export reports
  • Schedule tasks and automate reporting

I’ve only begun to touch on a few of the main features of the Web CEO software here. I plan on doing a in-depth Web CEO review in the near future. – Download Web CEO for FREE Now!

Web CEO Online

Recently Web CEO launched Web CEO Online. I’ve signed-up for and browsed through their online SEO tools which are pretty basic but very helpful guiding people through the process of optimizing websites and tracking the basics.

SEO Training Course

I’ve been using the WebCEO desktop software for a couple of years now and went through their Internet Marketing Professional training course after I purchased the professional edition. I thought it was definitely worthwhile and even got a certificate, which was cool, but it has since expired..oops.

After completing their training – which comes with one of the unleashed editions – you’ll get your own certificate and can use their certified badge’s on your website too. The certificate is great for impressing prospects, your clients, the boss, or using on your resume.

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