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Well it’s been a long time coming, but SEOrankings.com finally got a makeover!

I spent the weekend and the better half of this week migrating over the new website, and am excited to say that today we ‘officially’ launched the new member tools and WordPress theme! I can’t say that it went off without a hitch, but they rarely do.

Overall it has been a HUGE success though, and I’m very excited about the future here.

How We Got Here

I began this journey nearly two years ago. I was frustrated with what was available on the market for non-technical small business owners who just wanted to monitor their search rankings, and nothing else. So I set out to build an advanced rank tracking system that would allow users to automatically track their rankings in the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Now I know there were several tools on the market that helped you do this, but at the time I couldn’t find a single reasonably priced tool that ONLY focused on search engine rank tracking and didn’t include a bunch of extra stuff the average small business owner doesn’t really care about.

So I outlined what I wanted done and hired a local company to build it for me.

Unfortunately there were some mistakes made:

  • Started with the cheapest developers in town
  • Moved forward with the project even though I knew their quote was way too low
  • Poorly outlined what I wanted and expected

At first the project came along great. The skin was designed quickly and looked better than expected. But when it came to the back-end, progress definitely tapered off.

We went back and forth for nearly a year trying to get the thing working properly, but after several months of minimal progress, and getting passed from one developer to another within the company, I decided to take what they had done and hand it over to a more seasoned programmer.

So I set out to find one and ended up hiring a great guy through oDesk.

Unfortunately, my patience were extremely low at this point, and there were so many things that still needed to be fixed up it would have probably been easier to just start over.

My new developer made some decent progress, but after a couple of months of consistent roadblocks, I finally got fed up with the project and decided to cut my losses and move on for now.

White Labeling

At first I was completely against the idea of White Labeling. I’m not very good at relinquishing control of anything. But after more than a year of development issues and thousands of dollars later, this option was looking pretty good at this point.

Luckily, I already had a great company in mind.

They offered a product very much in line with my long-term goals, and a rank checker that’s in many ways far superior to what I was initially going to launch.

So it actually worked out really well.

Also, this partnership now frees me up to be able to focus more on helping you, and less on maintenance and upgrades. I get to leave that up to a team of developers that has been creating SEO tools for over ten years.

member tools site dashboard

5 Great Things about These Tools


You won’t find another web-based toolset with this wide-range of features and entry-level pricing anywhere else. The free version is great for someone wanting to get a taste of what’s available, and the silver plan, at $49/mo, is perfect for most small businesses looking to take a leap forward. Compare that to others which start at $99/mo.

Rank Tracker

Automatically track yours and your competitors’ rankings in the major search engines throughout the world. It includes geo-targeting, position over time, competition, searches, visits, scheduling, email reports and more.

To-Do List

A one-of-a-kind to-do list that walks you step-by-step through an entire website optimization and promotion, including keyword research, on-page optimization, submissions, link-building, blogging, social networking, paid promotion and more…

Site Auditor

The site auditor is great because it not only keeps you updated of major site errors, but it also provides advice for optimizing each page, can be completely automated and is extremely customizable.

Submission Tool

If you’re having trouble figuring out the best places to submit your website to (directories, search engines, etc.), and also keeping track of them, you’ll find this module extremely helpful. Not only does it provide you with an extensive list updated resources, it also helps you track your progress.

In addition, there’s a premium Partner Link Manager, Simple Buzz Tracker, Keyword Tool, Backlink Checker, Analytics Data and more.

Above and Beyond

It’s no secret I have a soft spot in my heart for other small businesses like myself. I never set out to provide SEO services for anyone, I kind of fell into it.

When I was optimizing my own websites several years back, many of my friends took notice and started pushing me to do the same thing for them. Eventually I gave-in and achieved great results – which made them extremely happy and felt really good. So, I turned it into a business.

It was fulfilling for a while, but there was a major problem: my fees were way too low. With the consistent algorithm changes it wasn’t cost-effective for me to continue offering SEO services without having to make major price increases – which I just didn’t want to do because the majority of my clients had really small budgets, and those were the people I wanted to help the most.

I felt there had to be another way for me to help all of these people without causing them to break the bank.

So I started writing the SEOrankings blog. At first it worked really well, but I quickly realized a public blog had some major drawbacks too:

  • You have to be politically correct in order to appease the powers that be.
  • The best opportunities and techniques are typically overrun or torched shortly after they are revealed.

Just take a look at many of the popular SEO blogs. You’ll rarely find any real gems in them. Most of their advice can be found right in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

That’s why I’m committing myself to offering a ton of private content and free training to our members. But you’ll have to get on the email list to find out when and where. The majority of these private opportunities are ONLY going to be announced through the newsletter.

I already have few AWESOME things mind, but I really need to know what else you want? What type of content or training would help you the most?

If you’re not sure yet, then you should at least go sign up for a free account to immediately start tracking your rankings for free. Then if you have time, browse around and come back here to share this page and leave me a comment below.

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