Member Toolset: Tour and Features

Our toolset comes with a number of advanced and beginner level features for search engine optimizing websites. We cover just a few of the most popular tools below.

website seo dashboard

Website Dashboard

The SEO dashboard combines the latest information reported by some of the most important tools, giving you an overview of your website’s performance overall. You’ll find beautiful graphs displaying your average search engine rankings, website traffic stats and number of backlinks. There’s also a summary of your site’s issues and errors, and notes regarding your progress on items such as the to-do checklist.

To-Do Checklist

to-do checklistOur comprehensive to-do checklist takes you through the major aspects of search engines optimization, step-by-step. It guides you through keyword research, on-page optimization, site submission, link building, blogging, social networking and paid promotion. Once a particular task is completed, simply check the box and our servers will remember it the next time you log on.

site search engine rankings

Rank Tracker

Use the rank checker to monitor your rankings in the top search engines for your best keywords. It allows you to track your search engine ranking over time, in the major search engines of your choice, like Google and Bing. You can also spy on your competitors by adding them too. Paid members can also set up automatic reporting for each project, with e-mail enabled, to receive regularly updated ranking reports in their inbox.

Site Auditor

website auditorThe website auditor is an essential tool in the SEO toolbox. It will scan your web pages for issues, then report back major errors, such as broken links and duplicate content. It also provides a plethora of optimization recommendations for improving your visibility in the search engines. The best part is you can configure it to automatically scan your website regularly and send you an updated report via email.

web analytics overview

Web Analytics

By easily integrating your Google Analytics account, we’ll combine it with our data to provide you with even more helpful information on your targeted keywords, for tracking your site’s performance and success. You can even add your competitors’ websites get a general idea how much traffic they are receiving too.

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