Tags: How To Sponsor Your Google Maps Listing

A few weeks ago when Google changed the name of the Local Business Center to Google Places they also introduced a few new features. One of those features was the ability to enhance your local Google maps listing with a sponsored advertisement which they call tags.

tags in google places

These yellow tags and corresponding links cost $25 and are a great way to make your business listing stand out. Depending on the type and completeness of your business listing, you will have some of these tags available to you:

  • Website for your business.
  • Photos of your business.
  • Videos of your business.
  • Coupons for your listing.
  • Menu for your restaurant.
  • Reservations page for your business.
  • Driving directions to your business.

Google says that sponsored tags won’t increase your business’s search engine rankings in Google Maps. However, I’ve worked with one client who paid for a sponsored listing so far and his rankings did indeed increase about 5 pages within just a few day. But, it’s tough to tell whether that had anything to do with paying for the sponsored ad or not. We have been working on improving his Google Maps listing potion for a couple of months, which appears to have a penalty applied to it. Shortly after we paid for his tag in Google Places, his company listing went from middle of page 11 to the top of page 6 in Google maps. But, he’s the only client I’ve worked with so far that has paid for a sponsored link.

We started his sponsorship on May 11th, 2010, and I notified him on May 14th that his listing had jumped five pages. It could have even sooner, but I can’t remember if I checked it between then. His listing had been sitting on page eleven for over a month.

Tracking Tag Activity

Google also allows you to track the performance of your tag separately and experiment with it as well. You can find tag settings by clicking the “View Reports” link under the specific listing on your business listings page.

Google Tags Activity

Overall, these sponsor tags seem like a great way to make your local business stand out right now, but how’s a sponsor listing going to remain distinctive when more and more businesses start using them?

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  • May 18th, 2010 at 10:35 pm Bulwark said:

    “but how’s a sponsor listing going to be distinctive when more and more businesses start using them?”

    Great question. Right now these google sponsored tags are great and give users an edge. But just like many gold mines, too many miners will ruin the find. But until that happens, I am digging the coin.

    And I am pretty sure that it will be awhile before the rest of the bug guy crowd catches on. Plus you still have to be optimized to show up in the maps.

  • May 21st, 2010 at 12:26 am Wesley LeFebvre said:

    Hi Bulwark!
    I agree. I think it is a worthy investment for those regularly showing up on the first page. For now anyway. Usually there are only one or two others, if any, and they definitely stand out to me.

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