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Since 2000 we have been driven by the passion to explore new marketing strategies, to innovate, and experiment. We exist to maximise the reputation, performance and positioning of our customers. Our unique assisted approach to SEO not only empowers clients but produces outstanding results. Our premium package offers a full service digital marketing experience.

SEO Audit & Review

Fix problematic SEO issues fixed quickly. We check over 45 issues automatically. This includes the optimisation of internal and external links, duplicate content and meta-data optimisation.  Our  SEO auditor will crawl your website weekly. This way you can track your progress over time and reveal how many issues have been corrected.

Keyword Research

If you choose the right keywords from the onset it will put you on the right track to SEO success. This is why most SEO companies will spend hours sourcing the right keywords.

Track Rankings in Real Time

24/7 access to up to date reports online. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports. Fully customised to suit your need. Our tracking system will help you identify high volume keywords you may have missed. Use it to identify niche and long tail keywords. In addition, analyse your keyword competition, search volume per keyword and domain authority

Social Media Development

Our advanced dashboard allows both analytics and auto-posting on your social. Schedule your social media posts well in advance and check their performance using our analytical tools.

Analyse Competition

Compare key marketing metrics and use it to spy on your competitors. Gain intelligence on how competitor’s are running their digital marketing campaigns. With our platform you will have the competition’s backlinks, and high ranking keywords right in front of you.

Comprehensive Tools Integration

Integrate Google Webmaster tools, Google analytics, Facebook, Twitter, SEM Rush, Moz, Adwords plus a raft of other core tools within minutes. No other platform allows this!

Advanced Website Analytics

Monitor key metrics by integrating Google Analytics seamlessly into your account. Use it to track your main keywords, locate your customers, complete website goals and monitor core events.

Backlinks Exploration

Backlinks are the life blood of your website. Key backlink data is pulled from in real-time. View an extensive list of backlinks grouped by domain, anchor text and URL. Track your link building progress overtime while identifying your best links. Our system will monitor all link activity and notify you if a links becomes active or is dropped.

Marketing Plan

All clients will be giving an annual marketing plan to follow. You can use this as a guide if on the DIY Plan or to monitor progress if subscribed to our Premium Plan.

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