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seo related text resourcesSome of the most popular third-party SEO related resources that we’re familiar with and recommend.

SEO Suites – A list of the most popular search engine optimization software and web-tool suites. Most of these SEO tools do a good job with the majority of these common tasks: website auditing, site optimization, backlinks analysis, rank checking and keyword research. Although some of them are better at certain tasks than others, so it might be a good idea to review them each, keeping in mind your particular needs.

Keyword Research – A comprehensive list of the most popular free and paid keyword analysis tools. Provides a detailed summary of each of the top advanced keyword suggestion tools and an in-depth analysis of the top competitor analysis keyword research tools. The keyword suggestion programs are great for helping you identify the most commonly searched for head and long tail search phrases, and the the competitive intelligence tools are best for helping you identify which keywords are the most profitable for you competitors and driving them the most traffic.

Competitive Intelligence – A List of the most popular competitive intelligence tools primarily related to keyword research. These programs analyze give you insight into your competitors by tracking their top organic search rankings and pay-per-click campaigns to help you identify profitable keyword opportunities for your business. Some these competitive analysis software suites also provide competitor referral analytics data, affiliate insights and demographics information.

Website Auditing – A list of some of the best website auditing software programs for SEO. The tools help you identify problem areas of you website not only bad for search engine optimization, but also for user experience that most related to site navigation, crawlabilty and indexation. Some of the key on-site components analyzed are broken links, HTTP status codes, redirects, canonicalization, robots detection.

Backlink Analysis – A list of some of the most popular free backlink analysis tools, many of which also offer an advanced paid version. Back link analysis programs are great for keeping track of links to your own sites as well as seeing where your competitors are getting their links from too. The key features I look for is do they identify nofollow links verses dofollow links, detect redirect links, report anchor text, and their data source.

Browser Toolbars – A list of some of the best free browser tool bars used for search engine optimization. These toolbar plugins are great for giving you some insight into the websites you visit on the fly. If you’re new to SEO, installing a free toolbar by SEO Book or SEO Quake is a great way to familiarize yourself with some of the key metrics analyzed by professional SEOs. There are plugins available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

SEO Book – Download our free SEO book if you haven’t had a chance to yet.

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