Should I Spend Money On Social Media Marketing Or SEO?

Where should you spend your Internet marketing dollars? This is a question which stumps many business owners. Unfortunately, the Internet can be very confusing, and this confusion may divert you from taking advantage of what the Internet has to offer.

Your confusion is understandable, after all, there are so many options available. Plus you’ve been pitched by Twitter experts, Facebook gurus, SEO’s, PPC specialists, and just about everyone else who’s knows how to type on a keyboard, right?

Assuming all of these people do offer valuable services and can increase your revenue, which ones should you start with? I get very frustrated when I hear people say SEO is dead, and everyone needs a professionally done facebook page, or needs to be a super Twitterer. Most of these claims presented without any factual information whatsoever.

So what percentage of traffic from each source is being converted into customers or sales? Rand Fishkin has put together some numbers in this post: getting honest about social media marketing, supplying further evidence to support my analysis that search is still the highest quality and best converting traffic for most businesses.

I’m not here to suggest there’s anything wrong with spending money on social media marketing. I find social networking very worthwhile if you have the time. I use it as a tool for my own business, but my site is already getting plenty of search engine traffic. I especially find sites like invaluable for the do-it-yourselfers. All of these marketing channels have their place. But if you’re going to pay someone to market your business, and you’re unsure where the money is best spent, just ask yourself where you would go to find a product or service?

It is my conclusion search engines are still the #1 place to be recognized for most business owners. When people go to a search engine they are usually looking for a specific product or service, and when they find your site it’s very likely they were looking for something related to it. No matter where you decide to spend your money, please do youreself one big favor; be sure you track your traffic and conversions with the help of a simple, free tool such as Google Analytics. If you’re not tracking how well your marketing campaign is doing, then why are you spending money on marketing on it at all? If you’re paying someone to market you business, be sure to ask them if they include tracking that information for you. If they don’t, then you should!

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