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market samuraiMarket Samurai is a niche online marketing tool that allows you to quickly and easily target high-profit, low-competition markets with a just few strokes of the keyboard and a couple of clicks of the mouse. It’s a highly praised software program that’s tailored specifically to help you make more money through keyword research and content promotion. A niche product simplifying many of the toughest tasks for online promoters.

Key Information

Pros: Extremely fast and provides nearly every possibles feature necessary for advanced analysis of keywords, researching your competition and finding the best places to promote your content, website or blog. Does NOT require to you pay for an ongoing subscription to get the latest updates like some other Internet marketing and website promotion tools.
Cons: No built-in email feature. Backlink analysis component doesn’t identify which links are nofollowed.
Price: Good; $97 if purchased within the first 7 days of downloading the free trial; otherwise $149.

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Recommended for: Individual site owners, small businesses, in-house SEOs, bloggers, authors, freelance writers and similar.

Detailed Market Samurai Features

Market Samurai has 9 major “weapons” to help you successfully research, promote and track your website or online business. I have summarized each feature below.

1. Rank Tracker

Great for tracking your search engine rankings for specific keywords in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Also gives you history report with graphs of your Google PageRank and your total backlinks to a specific page or your website’s home page URL; and it allows you to track your content published on third-party web sites such as promotional articles, YouTube videos, social media campaigns and all of your other related web properties.

2. Keyword Research

This is where this product really shines. By using this tool you can estimate a keyword’s traffic potential organically and using Google AdWords – pay-per-click. It also give you insight on the competition for specific keywords and most importantly the potential commercial value of those keywords; all on one easy-to-read page.

3. SEO Competition

This is another strong point of this product. The SEO competition tool checks and reports on key information about your competitors such as the age of their domain name, number of indexed pages, number of back links, whether they are listed in authoritative directories, if the keywords are located in important areas of their page, and number of days since Google last cached their page.

Expert tip: This tool also works great for tracking pages you are getting links from or are considering requesting a backlink from.

4. Domains

This is a simple time-saving domain research tool that helps you find and buy keyword rich domain names. Shows you important details such as domain age and keyword density. Currently requires you to sign-up for a free account to use certain features.

5. Monetization

This is a great tool for affiliate marketers or businesses trying to find other ways to monetize and promote their website or blog. Includes a product search tool for finding products to promote from some of the major affiliate directories. Also includes a very helpful visual editor with templates to make it easier for you to publish content, create widgets, blog posts, and banners for promoting your own products, affiliate products and managing your campaigns. Lastly it gives you an AdSense account management tool that helps you create and manage dynamic ads to increase revenue using Google AdSense and similar advertising programs.

6. Find Content

The find content module is probably the least useful module in my opinion. Now don’t get me wrong, it definitely assists in the process of finding and analyzing content, however It’s mostly helpful for someone brand new to the Internet, or doesn’t know much about their niche.

7. Publish Content

There is nothing special about this module either, but it does allow you to create content within Market Samurai and easily upload it to your WordPress blog. It also assist some of the other modules by making it easy to go from research to publish all within the one software suite. So I do understand why the included it within Market Samurai.

8. Promotion

This module is AWESOME! If you can’t tell I REALLY LIKE the components within this module. The tools here allow you to quickly and easily identify communities related to your keywords to participate in and promote your website by leaving comments, answering questions or linking to while also getting links back to your website or blog. The promotion module searches web 2.0 hubs, blogs and forums to identify related articles, their Google PageRank, the number of backlinks pointing to the page, and whether they allow pingbacks and Dofollow blog comments. This module kicks butt!

9. AdWords (coming soon)

According to Market Samurai this weapon will help you maximize your income stream and target profitable sources of traffic, using pay-per-click advertising.

I hope you found my reviews of the Market Samurai modules helpful. In case you’re still unsure if this product is right for you, I have included a screen shot and additional Market Samurai review information below.

Market Samurai Screenshot

market samura screenshot

Is Market Samurai worth it? Is it worth the money it cost …the price?

That depends. Are you going to use it? If you use it then ABSOLUTELY I believe it is worth the cost! I believe that about most of the popular search engine optimization and Internet marketing programs. However you don’t need them all. Find the ones that are the best fit for your specific needs and USE them.

Final Thoughts

Market Samurai is definitely one of the best tools on the Internet for keyword research, content and product promotion. In addition to providing you with a great piece of software, the Market Samurai team has put together a ton of great video tutorials to help you be successful online utilizing the features available in Market Samurai. So be sure to watch them to easily learn how master the program after you’ve downloaded your copy of Market Samurai!

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