Landing Page Optimization – 7 Deadly Sins

Many website owners are constantly focusing so much time on driving traffic to their site, they forget to think about the best ways to handle the visitors once they land there. I watched this great, but long, video on “Landing Page Optimzation” by Tim Ash of You can watch the video here, but I’ll also share my notes from the video with you below.

“Landing Page Optimization – 7 Deadly Sins” Webinar Notes

Case Study #1: “Free Quote Request”  form title changed to “Instant Quote”. - 54% conversation rate increase on client website.

Other Notes: Visitors decide whether to stay on your page in 2-4 seconds.

Sin #1 – Unclear Call-to-actions

What are you supposed to do on this page?

Common issues:
- Spend precious time deciding what to do
- Get confused and frustrated

Redemption #1 – Strengthening Call-to-action

The Fix:
- “Call-to-action” should be clear & draw the eye
- Placement of call-to-action should be “above-the-fold”
- Competing calls-to-action should be de-emphasized

Other notes:
- Don’t want too many items competing for attention
- Use the “Obvious Standard”

Sin #2 – Too Many Choices

What do I do next?

Common issues:
- Too many choices cause paralysis
- Can’t find the right link to get closer to desired goal

Redemption #2 – Reducing Choices

The Fix:
- Don’t present detail too early in the process
- Group Choices into a smaller number of categories
- Use visual shortcuts to reduce reading

Sin #3 – Asking For Too Much Information

Is this information absolutely necessary to complete the current transaction?

Common issues:
- Each Extra form field makes the process more imposing
- Information asked for is inappropriate or too personal

Case Study #2: Example Debt Relief Site which sold leads, they changed a form to only include a First Name, Last Name, E-Mail, Phone, State(drop-down), and Debt Amount(drop Down).
- 51% higher conversion
- $48,000,00yr more revenue

Redemption #3 – Simplifying Forms

The Fix:
- Ask only for absolutely-required information
- Collect additional information at a later date
- Short labels and uncluttered form layout

Sin #4 – Too Much Text

Do you really expect me to read all of this?

Common issues:
- Short attention span – people don’t read on the Web
- Information overload – hit the “back” button

Redemption #4 – Shorten Your Text

The Fix:
- Use clear headlines and headings
- Put important stuff first – write in “inverted pyramid” style
- Do not write in complete sentences – use short bullet lists
- Ruthlessly edit and shorten your text (start by removing adjectives & subjective claims)

Sin #5 – Not Keeping Your Promises

This page is not what I expected!

Common issues:
- Disconnect from “upstream” ad promise
- Promised information is not the landing page

Redemption #5 – Keep Your Promises

The Fix:
- Repeat the ad-text or keywords on your page
- Provide clear access to information from the ad

Sin#6 – Visual Distractions

Where am I supposed to look?

Common issues:
- Visual assault is extremely annoying
- “Gratuitous graphics” unrelated to product/service
- No clear separation of content and navigation
- Time wasted on looking at wrong stuff

Redemption #6 – Make It More Boring

The Fix:
- Don’t compete with the call-to-action
- Remove colorful page elements and animation/motion
- Replace generic photos with specific relevant images

Sin #7 – Lack of Credibility & Trust

Why should I trust you & buy from you?

Common issues:
- Lack of endorsements
- No “social proof” (testimonials)
- Trust symbols are not prominent
- Assurances are presented too late in the process

Redemption #7 – Borrow & Solidify Trust

The Fix:
- Feature well-known trust symbols prominently
- Use client logos/brands/media coverage as “badges”
- Remove anxiety with generous polices & guarantees

Other Notes:
- Landing page design is a competitive advantage
- Website Optimizer is a free tool to test landing pages is a good A/B split testing tool
- Most Internet users use a 1024 resolution
- Keep your important information in the the top 2/3rd’s of your page
- Long sales letters are okay for certain products, testing is just as important
- Determine what is a conversion action in long process sales(has to be measurable, and desirable for you company)
- Follow the money, test landing pages that have the most value to you first
- Determine how much each conversion is worth
- Definition of a landing page = anywhere traffic lands on your site
- Don’t have navigation in header, move it all to the side

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