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A comprehensive list of top keyword suggestion tools used to get ideas for your advertisements and websites. These fully-featured KW generators help you gain an advantage over your competition by providing you with details unavailable to the general public. Use these programs to discover profitable keywords for your business.

Wordtracker Keywords

wordtracker keywords suggestion – An advanced keyword suggestion tool with enhanced management features that allows you to organize thousands of keywords, quickly and easily. It provides access to Google’s external tool, and it’s own custom database of search terms that were used by people searching some of the world’s most popular meta-search engines. This combination is great, because it allows you to identify profitable head keywords as well as additional long-tail phrases. Wordtracker is a very simple and effective niche software program that’s straightforward and easy to use. Monthly subscription service starts at $69, with a 7 day free trial.

Keyword Discovery

keyword discovery – This suite correlates search statistics from a number of the world’s most popular search engines to create an extremely powerful KW research tool. It recommends terms from its own premium database, while also allowing you to search other major ones. The interface offers a large number of custom filters, and you can even limit it region-specific queries. KeywordDiscovery also include some basic competitive intelligence features. Monthly subscription plans start at just $69.95, with a limited free version available.


These keyword research and analysis tools are primarily used to get suggestions of new key words to use on your website, for web content and search engine optimization purposes. They are provided by companies with their own custom database of queries submitted over a specific time-frame. They specialize in suggesting phrases related to a seed term, showing how many times it was searched for on the search engines and websites it has a relationship with.

wordtracker 7 day free trial

The best KW suggestion utilities provide their own premium data sets, and access to Google’s keyword traffic estimator data along with some other metrics not usually provided when using Google’s tool directly. Some of the advantages of these generators is that they usually provide you with a list of similar phrases along with their popularity, competition, difficulty, Keyword Effective Index (KEI), and some other proprietary metrics. KEI is a common metric that’s calculated to help users effectively identify the highest quality terms with the least amount of competition.

In addition, the best suites allow users to easily track, organize and manage their keywords into groups and projects. They help users find other long-tail search words not usually found using most of the free keyword analysis tools or tools used to find your competitors’ top search keywords.

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