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If you don’t already know, there are some really great competitive research tools for spying on your competitors and finding their best keywords. These keyword spy tools help you find your competitors’ top pay-per-click and organic search terms by scraping the search engine results pages and tracking user click behavior. If you’re looking to get a leg-up on the competition, this can be some really helpful information for you to analyze and track.


semrush keyword spy tool – A super clean, easy-to-use competitor research tool for finding your competitors most profitable Bing and Google keywords. In addition to finding money-making keyword opportunities, SEMRush also helps you find other key advertising partnerships and referral resources.

Here is a summary of SEMRush’s most popular features:

  • Google AdWords Ad Tracking
  • Organic Search Positions
  • Competitor Research Reports
  • Domain Keywords Reporting
  • Ad Buyer & Seller Recommendations
  • KW and Traffic Value Estimates
  • Straightforward Layout & Navigation

SEMRush’s pricing for its KW tracking services starts at just $69.95 per month, with some basic features available to free account holders.


spyfu keyword spy tool – A comprehensive competitive analysis tool used to find your competitors’ top Google keywords. This professional software program is extremely useful in helping you identify the best keywords to focus your organic search and PPC efforts on. In addition to tracking your competitors’ top Google phrases, SpyFu also tracks their AdWords ad copy over time – giving you a historical report of exactly which ads they were using during specific time periods, and when they made changes to them.

Some of the best reasons to consider SpyFu:

  • Organic Search Tracking
  • Google AdWords PPC Reports
  • Competitive Research
  • Ad Copy History Reports
  • Extensive Traffic Analysis Data
  • Valuation Information
  • White Label SEO Reports
  • Keyword Overlap Tool

The SpyFu subscription service plan comes fully-featured at just $79 a month, with some limited features also available for free.


compete keyword spy – One of the most advanced key word spy tools used by major companies to research their competitors. Unlike some of the other SE utilities which scrape Google’s search results for their data, Compete compiles it’s data by sampling the browsing habits of a large number of web users. In addition to spying your competitors’ search metrics, Compete also allows you to gain insight into where else they are getting traffic from, where they are sending traffic too, and user demographic information.

Here are some of the top reasons people choose Compete:

  • Advanced Traffic Stats
  • Insightful Research Data
  • Free and Paid Search Analytics
  • Other Referral Data
  • Demographics Information
  • Downstream Traffic Reports
  • Monthly Traffic & Engagement Metrics
  • Comparison Charts

Compete services start at a price of $199/mo, with some limited features available for free.

This is a great overview of the benefits of using these top keyword spy tools. However, if you’re looking for a more detailed review, you might want to check out this extensive list of the top competitor keyword research tools we put together. There you’ll be able to compare tools used to help you get your competitor’s best performing Google keywords, as well as other types of competitive research tools.

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