Isn’t SEO Just About Getting Links?

chain links Well, kinda. SEO is a lot about getting links. In fact, getting a few select links can get a poorly optimized website ranking for just about anything. But getting that caliber of link is nearly impossible unless you’ve got serious connections or you’re filthy stinking rich.

However, this blog is true testimony that a well-optimized website can rank highly in a competitive industry with only a fraction of links, comparatively.

Since I started posting here regularly only a few months back, I have made no major attempts (offering payment) to get it listed in the high-authority, SEO-friendly web directories. Nor have I manually requested links from anyone other than a few free blog directories – most of which use nofollow anyway – so they don’t even count. And yet, this blog still ranks really well in Google for a lot of SEO related search queries.

It doesn’t make much sense for me to spend money or time link-building on this blog right now. I don’t make any money from it; it is just a side project at the moment. A place for me to centralize the tools I use regularly and further my writing skills. If I had time to monetize this website I’d definitely spend a lot more of it adding tools, content, and link-building.

Let’s take a quick look at the on-page factors contributing to why this site ranks so well for related search queries: (I’ll put them in order of importance)

  • Domain name contains two primary keywords (and more variants)
  • Keyword variants are used in the title tag
  • Blog posts and pages stay on theme
  • No overuse of keywords throughout internal linking
  • Useful out-bound linking to related web pages
  • No keywords stuffing

Yes, there are plenty of other changes I have made to the blog template to properly optimize it (and some I still need to do), but the list above covers the most heavily weighted, competitively.

So, is SEO just about getting links? Absolutely not! Links are very important, however because of the rise in information pollution and linking misuse, on-page optimization is gaining its importance again.

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