How To: Landing Page Optimization with Google Content Experiments

Google’s Web Optimizer is no more, but Google Content Experiment gives you a better way to test your landing pages to get the results you need. Content Experiment is integrated with your Google Analytics account, so you don’t need an additional login or website to conduct your testing.

Content Experiment allows you to test up to five different versions of a single page. You are limited to A/B testing, and the advanced reporting of Analytics gives you many ways to analyze the data. You choose the specific goals for that particular page, such as a visitor signing up for the website. You have four goal options. URL destination goals look at getting visitors to a designated page. Event goals are getting conversions. Visit duration goals are attained when the visitors stay on the page for a defined time frame. Pages per visit goals follow visitors to see how many pages they visit on your site. These goals are set through Google Analytics.

You create several versions of the page and allow Google Content Experiment to deliver the pages to your visitors. It runs the data through Google Analytics and determines the best performing page. You don’t have to send all of your visitors to your testing pages. Instead, you can define exactly what types of visitors should see the new pages. This Google tool is a valuable way to efficiently test page variations. If you already use Analytics for traffic and conversion tracking, it’s a no brainer to use it for your content testing.

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