How I Won an Apple iPad Using this Blog

apple ipad 3gI am pleased to announce that I’m the proud owner and winner of a new Apple iPad 3G. During October, Best of the Web Directory ran a contest for all Best of the Web (BOTW) affiliates.

“The affiliate who earns the most commission by promoting the “SAVE20″ discount will also win an Apple iPad!!”

Thankfully, I was able to rock the sales and earn the most commission.

“Thanks for participating in last month’s reseller contest. I’m pleased to inform you you’re the winner and will be receiving an iPad shortly”

How I Did It:

1) Promoted a Service I Believe In
I was promoting a product and service I believe in and use. When you do that, the promotional stuff comes naturally. I have used BOTW directory for several of mine and my client websites. This blog listed in their blog directory.

2) Search Engine Optimization
When Google users search for phrases related to BOTW reviews and BOTW coupon codes I usually show up in position 1 or 2.

Searching for BOTW Review Using Google

3) Interlinking & Affiliate Linking
Whenever I write a post related to web directories I try to link back to my Best of the Web review and promo code page rather than linking directly out using my affiliate links. This doesn’t always make sense, though. So I’ll use their affiliate links on other pages sometimes, too.

4) Social Media
I have to be honest; other than this blog, my social media presence is really lame. I haven’t quite stepped up my social media game yet. But, I did announce this promotion on my dedicated BOTW promotions page, wrote a blog post about it, and tweeted it on Twitter.

5) Email Marketing
Since I already wrote a blog post announcing the promotion at the beginning of October, I didn’t think it made sense to write another blog post when the promotion was nearing its end too. Instead, when there is a killer promotion like this one I think it’s important to send out a notification to my email subscriber letting them know it will be ending soon, so they can take advantage of the offer before it’s too late. In this case, I sent out a reminder notification to my Aweber email subscribers toward the end of month.

Well, that pretty much sums up what I did to make the most affiliate sales and win my sweet new Apple iPad. Thanks again to the folks at BOTW. And thank you, my readers, for all of your support!

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