How To Get A Free Subscription To Website Magazine

website magazineDo you ever get tired of sitting behind the computer and wishing you had more industry related articles in print to read? I know I do.

If you answered yes, then I highly recommend subscribing to Website Magazine. Website Magazine offers a free quarterly subscription as well as an upgraded paid subscription to their increasingly popular Website Magazine.

The pro membership subscription is offered at $44.95/mo, however the free quarterly subscription is more than enough for me.

Each quarter the magazine covers a a variety of topics from E-mail marketing, PPC strategies, Website Design, to various search engine optimization techniques, and more.

For me, It is really nice to have a hard copy I can bring with me places or pick up when I’m sitting in the living room, and not always have to get behind the computer or look at a tiny phone screen to read some of the latest articles related to the SEO industry.

It’s real easy to sign up for your free subscription to Website Magazine. Just go to their website and fill out a short survey to start receiving your free quarterly subscription to one of the web industry’s hottest print magazines.

You might be surprised to find a lot of great tools, tips, other information and great industry related articles to read.

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