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Here’s an extensive list of some of the best free keyword research tools for exploring new ideas and finding niche opportunities. They can also be helpful in identifying hot trends when looking for content to add to your website. All of these utilities are completely free and available to the general public.

  • External Google AdWords Keyword Tool – This program allows you to find KWs based on your site’s content, identify negative keywords, get synonyms – or not, and specify a language and location. (Start with broad phrases like “cell phones”, then try more specific queries such as “Motorola cell phones”).
  • External Google AdWords Traffic Estimator – This utility is used primarily for Google AdWords, but allows you to get an idea of how much traffic you would be getting if you ranked high for specific key phrases, and what people are bidding on those keywords.
  • Google Trends – With Google Trends you can explore the latest and hottest search trends, plus see how often certain topics have been searched for over time. Great for finding topics to write about for search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Google Insight For Search – With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.
  • Google Correlate – Allows you enter a search term and identify several related searches that correlate with the phrase, historically. It give you a side-by-side graph comparison chart of the related terms.
  • Google Global Market Finder – Helps you identify markets for you products and services around the globe. Gives you Google AdWords PPC data to help you see the opportunity costs geographically across multiple languages and locations.
  • Yahoo! Search Clues – Gives you insight into how people are searching on Yahoo! by allowing you to see which terms are searched for most often, when people are making particular queries, where they are searching from, plus additional demographic and trend analysis.
  • Alexa Site Information – Alexa provides you with a bunch of information about a website, such as Traffic Stats, Search Analytics, Audience demographics, Contact Info, Reviews, Related Links, Click Stream Data and more.
  • Trendistic – Offers a historical chart of trending topics that are Tweeted on Twitter, going back up to 180 days. Also shows a list of hot trending topics and recent Tweets.

wordtracker 7 day free trial

If you’re looking for an advanced KW research tool with a more comprehensive set of features, you should definitely try out Wordtracker’s 7 day free trial, which they may only be offering for a limited time. Wordtracker provides it own unique KW data set and offers enhanced features that makes it easy for you to find keywords and organize your campaigns.

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