Easy Way To Check Nofollow Links

If you plan on doing SEO, then you need to know about the nofollow HTML attribute. If you’re not familiar with nofollow, you can read Google’s explanation.

If you’re like me, then you may find yourself frustrated by the nofollow attribute. I hate looking at web page source code every time I check out potential link partners, or identifying where I placed nofollow links on my own websites. Well if you’re tired of digging through all that source code too, then I have the tool for you!

The free SEO Toolbar by Aaron Wall, and the guys over at SEOBook.com is a must-have for SEO professionals. While this toolbar has many great features, I’ll keep this post to discussing the nofollow link highlighter tool.

This toolbar only works in Mozilla Firefox, but if you’re an SEO expert and you aren’t using the Mozilla Firefox browser already, then this is yet another great reason to make the switch.

Once you install the toolbar, you can find the nofollow link highlighter tool on the far right side as shown below.

nofollow link highlighter on the seo toolbar

It’s a little hard to see, but if you click the little red “square and arrow” looking button, while on a web page, you’ll get something like this:

Wikipedia with nofollow links highlighted

Notice how easy it is to identify the nofollow links which are highlighted in red? The one thing this tool does not show you is image links with the nofollow attribute, so keep that in mind.

Here are just a few great reasons to use this tool:

  • quickly check out potential link partners
  • quickly identify where you placed nofollow links on your client websites
  • quickly identify where you placed nofollow links on your own website
  • easily identify where your competitors are using nofollow links

You can also try our free tool to check NoFollow links. With our tool you don’t have to download any software or anything. Just input the URL you would like to check and it will show you all of the web page’s links, identifying which ones are nofollowed.

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