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Text Version (video transcription)

Welcome to this video tutorial on how to use the SEOrankings.com premium member tools. I’m going to show you how to set up your website by creating a new project and go over the features in your Site Dashboard.

As you can see I am currently logged in but haven’t created a new project yet. The All Projects page is a starting point where you add or remove projects and view summary data for your sites.

  1. Click on the ‘Add project’ button to add your first project.
  2. In the add new project pop-up box enter your website address.

The rest of the fields are optional but lets go ahead and fill them in anyway.

  1. I typically use the domain name for reports.
  2. A descriptive name for collaboration groups.
  3. And a short description under project notes.
  4. Then click ‘Add’.

On the site dashboard you’ll see a summary of key tools. Many of them will update automatically using our default settings. While others you will need to configure manually.

In the top left-hand corner you’ll find two drop down lists. One for selecting ‘projects’. And the other for selecting ‘tools’.

In the top right-hand corner you’ll find a ‘Settings’ and ‘Add’ button. You’ll want to pay special attention to this section because the settings option will change depending on which tools you’re using a new tabs may become available.

Directly below those tabs you see a black link that says ‘Scanned today’ or ‘Scanned x days ago’, depending on when last scanned your project. Use this link to manually update the dashboard, or set automatic updating.

Below that are several summary reports and graphs which I’ll dedicated entire videos to, but for now let’s briefly cover them all.

Starting at the top left you’ll see the ‘Average Site Rankings’ section which will display a summary of your keyword rankings after you’ve configured the rank checker to monitor specific keywords.

You can also go to the associated tool by hovering over the summary section and clicking anywhere within the box rather than having to always select them from the drop down list. Just like this.

To the right is the ‘Website Traffic Statistics’ summary report, which will also display stats once you’ve connected to Google Analytics.

On the far right is the ‘Number of links to website’ section. By default we report the number of Google backlinks to your home page here, but you can add additional pages and set it to use blekko as well.

Starting at the beginning of the next row you’ll find the ‘Site Auditor’ section. The site auditor scans selected web pages for SEO issues and website errors.

To the right is the ‘Keyword Basket’ section, which lets you know how many keywords you have saved to your keyword tool. We automatically include some suggestions for you.

On the far right is a ‘Submission Tool’ section which provides a summary of the search engines and directories you’ve submitted to so far.

Starting at beginning of the next row you’ll find the ‘Partner Links’ section.

This tool allows you to automatically monitor link partnerships, and informs you when your most important back links change or disappear.

Next, the ‘Buzz tracker’ allows you to monitor the Internet for mentions of your brand, web site, personnel, or any other keywords you want to monitor.

All way to the right is the ‘Sitemap Generator’, which helps you create and submit your site map to search engines.

The last row provides at least one task from each of your available ‘To-Do list’ categories. You can click the details button by hovering over a link. This will provide you with a list of available tasks from within the same category. Next to the details button you can click on the not started link to change your progress for specific group of tasks. Right above that you’ll see a to do list button that will also take you directly to the to do list tool. You can click on this button to try it out now.

Thank you for taking the time the watch this video. Here’s a link to our other tutorials. And if you have any feedback on this video, please leave us a comment on Youtube.

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