What’s Up With the Latest Compete.com Stats?

Compete.com’s May data went live today and I noticed some major changes with the traffic stats and their website. First, is their new logo, which I don’t really have an opinion on. Second, are the external referral analytics for a site which you have to click to see the referring sites now. And third, is the huge drop in past and current traffic as shown by their graphs for certain websites.

Compete Stats May 2010 - SEOBook.com vs. SEOmoz.org

For example, as you can see above the graph the unique visitor stats for SEOmoz.org and SEOBook.com were in the 350 – 450k range for April 2010. But, prior to this update the graphed showed them in the 850-950k range for April. Going back a year, it looks like both of their stats dropped roughly 400k each month from what Compete had previously reported. I also noticed the traffic stats dropped significantly on some of my websites too. Well below their true numbers. Also, apparently the biggest referrer to this blog was from some website I’ve never heard of or seen any traffic from before, so I’m very confused about where they got that information.

I have checked Compete’s blog and Twitter account, but didn’t find anything suggesting and issue with their data. However, they did release quite a few new features recently and made some major changes which I’m guessing that must have affected it.

I wonder if the data for SEObook and SEOmoz is closer to their real numbers now?? Anyone else concerned with the new data reported for your website?

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