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One of the first places to start when doing SEO on your website is keyword research. Each page of your website should be optimized for 1-3 keywords or key phrases. So it’s a good idea to do a little keyword research before you work on optimizing each page of your website.

The keyword selection process can be very tedious, complex, and time consuming; especially on very large web sites.

So while there are tons of keyword tools available on the web, to keep it simple, I’ll list a few of the free, simple-to-use ones available.

Here are some simple keyword analysis tools:

  • External Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Find keywords based on your site content, identify negative keywords, find synonyms – or not, and specify a language and location. (Start with broad keywords like “cell phones”, then try more specific keywords like “Motorola cell phones”.
  • External Google AdWords Traffic Estimator – used primarily for Google AdWords, but allows you to get an idea of how much traffic you would be getting if you ranked high for specific key phrases, and what people are bidding on those keywords.
  • Free Keyword Suggestion Tool – Allows you to view the daily search volume for up to 100 keywords/phrases.
  • – Gives you an idea what keywords and web sites are driving traffic to your competitors, and compare your competitor websites to one another.

Once you’ve determined what keywords to optimize each page for, you can then start optimizing each page.

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    this is what i’m looking for..nice tips…thx

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