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botwIf you found this page looking for BOTW promo codes, then you already know how great the BOTW directory is, and you can simply skip the rest of this summary and scroll down to find the latest 2012 Best of The Web promo code, coupon, discount or special. However, if you don’t know much about BOTW, then you may want to consider reading my full BOTW review.

Latest – November 2012 BOTW Promo Code: No Code NecessarySubmit to BOTW

  • 30 Day Free Trial – Category Sponsorship

October 2012 BOTW Promo Code: No Code Necessary

  • 30 Day Free Trial – Category Sponsorship

next month: December 2012

BOTW Directory Highlights

If you read this blog regularly then you already know I consider BOTW one of the highest quality and most valuable general web directories to get a listing in. I also believe it one of the few Internet directories respected by Google, and I often recommend it to SEO clients when it is a good fit for them. From my experience, one submission to the Best Of The Web directory, is usually much more effective than submitting to and getting listed in numerous low quality directories. BOTW also offers several sister directories including a blog and local business directory. Check back here later for another possible promotion or take advantage of this offer and Submit to BOTW Now!

Similar Directories

Another directory very similar to Best of the Web in regards to effectiveness, quality and pricing is After you’ve submitted your website to BOTW, you should definitely check out the latest promo code and submit your website there too.

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