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Facebook “LIKE” SEOrankings and Get 5 FREE Backlinks

HUGE FAVOR: Can you please take a moment to “Like” our new Facebook page? If so, I’ll send you 5 websites to get a free back link from. They are super simple, non-spammy, legitimate backlinks that will take you less than 5 minutes to get. None of them require you to create an account and [...]

How to Get a Custom Facebook URL

As you’ve probably noticed, by default Facebook pages are really long, nearly impossible to remember URLs. This is probably fine for the typical user. However, if you use Facebook as a self-promotional tool for yourself or a social media marketing tool for your business, then you absolutely should think about taking advantage of a custom [...]

Key Social Search Patent Awarded to Facebook

Yesterday, Facebook was awarded what could be a key social search patent for “Ranking search results based on the frequency of clicks on the search results by members of a social network who are within a predetermined degree of separation“. – Social Networking For Real Estate Professionals

There are a ton of social networking sites on the Internet today. Most of them come and go pretty quickly. However, the ActiveRain real estate network has steadily grown over the last couple of years. The great thing about this social networking platform is that it is targeted to, and all encompassing of a specific [...]

Should I Spend Money On Social Media Marketing Or SEO?

Where should you spend your Internet marketing dollars? This is a question which stumps many business owners. Unfortunately, the Internet can be very confusing, and this confusion may divert you from taking advantage of what the Internet has to offer. Your confusion is understandable, after all, there are so many options available. Plus you’ve been pitched by Twitter experts, Facebook gurus, SEO’s, PPC specialists, and just [...]

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