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Amazing Search History Infographic

Includes a brief historical outline of some of the major web directories, PPC companies and organic search engines including Yahoo! directory, Looksmart, DMOZ, Goto, Overture, Inkatomi, Webcrawler, Lycos, AltaVista, HotBot, Ask, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google.

Is Google Watching You?

I’m probably just super-paranoid, but some times I feel like Google is watching my every move and removing opportunities that would be available to someone who didn’t publicly admit they were an SEO. Prior to the last PageRank update I felt it was appropriate to submit this blog to a few quality web directories. Before [...]

BIG Google Crack Down on Blogs Selling Links?

It looks as if Google is really cracking down on blogs selling links ads. For instance, a little while back I noticed several popular city-blogs in my area which lost Google PageRank on most of their pages except the home page and maybe one or two others that I missed. These are well-respected blogs in [...]

Getting Listed in Google is Easy

So you’ve created your first website and you want to know the quickest way to get it listed in the Google search results. Well never fear, getting your new website listed is easy! The simplest way to get listed in Google’s index is by adding a link from another website to yours. Yes, it’s really [...]

WolframAlpha – Computational Knowledge Search Engine

I’ve had a draft post sitting here regarding WolframAlpha for several months now, and thought I’d better share it with you before it’s really old news. I really like where they are going with, as a web reference. Although the name and Internet address are terrible in regards to SE).  Previsously, before I saved a [...]

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