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4 Recent Google Updates that Shook the Industry

Over the past 2 years there have been several major Google updates felt throughout the world. It’s the first time in recent years I’ve seen so much chatter about algorithm changes; the big ones have been happening more frequently, with code names such as Panda, Penguin, Top-Heavy and EMD Update. It’s also the first time [...]

How I Recovered from the Google Panda Slap

A while ago I wrote about some websites that were hit by a Google Panda Update. One of our readers also took a beating, but has since made a full recovery and left some great comments about his experience. He shared so much I thought It deserved an entire blog post. So I asked him [...]

Getting Slapped by a Google Panda Update

If you’ve been running a website for any length of time then you’re probably getting used to watching your search engine rankings fluctuate slightly, day in and day out. But have you ever had your rankings fall off the grid after major Google update? Or even worse yet – had a web site penalized before? [...]

Mad Rush to Create YouTube Videos

Last week there was major buzz going around about the latest Google Panda update 2.5. And as usual, there was plenty of controversy. One of the most controversial items discussed over the weekend and last week was YouTube topping the list of winners AGAIN. Yep, that’s right. Youtube, as well Google’s and partner AOL, [...]

Google’s Next Moves?

The following is a guest post by Mark Barry from Integrity SEO Experts. Since the notorious Google Panda/Farmer update in February 2011 there has been considerable speculation about what the updated algorithm means in the long term. Going back a bit, Google’s algorithm was set to determine what type of content a website was offering. [...]

blekko: The Search Engine for SEOs

Have you heard about blekko yet? I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t. It just launched a few days ago. Most people outside of the tech space probably wont know about blekko for a very long time, if ever. However, for those of us who spend a substantial amount of our business life online, blekko [...]

Is Your Google Maps Listing Up to Date?

I don’t know if I should be calling it Google Maps, Google Places, or Google Local; because when you submit your site to Google Places you’ll show up in Google Maps. Anyway, I prefer to just call it Google Maps to help avoid any confusion. But that’s not really the point of this post…. What [...]

Why is Google Showing a Blue Arrow In Search Results?

Update / Answer: The single blue arrow next to Google search results is used for keyboard navigation. Try moving your arrow keys up and down. Thanks Ahmad P. for the answer. For more info read the comments at the bottom of this post. Google must be up to their testing again. I thought my eyes [...]

How to Submit Your Website to the Search Engines

Probably the best way to get listed in a search engine’s index is by getting a link from another website to yours. However, this isn’t always that easy since most new website owners aren’t sure where to get a DoFollow backlink from. So, I’ve listed the 3 most common ways to get your website listed [...]

What if there were NO organic search results?

I read a blog post last night that left me a little bit concerned, and I literally woke up in the middle of the night thinking about this – What if there were no Organic Search Results? Will “Google Search” eventually turn into one gigantic pay for position web directory? After all, they’ve been pushing [...]

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