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Is Your Backlink Profile Worse Than You Think?

Most of us have a pretty good idea where we’re getting the majority of our own backlinks from. But, unless you’re extremely diligent about monitoring your website’s backlink profile, it could be a lot worse than you think. Which is how it was for a few of the sites I run. Recently, I’ve been forced [...]

How to Approach Link Building for Quality Links

The following is a guest post by Zac from Dejan SEO. Each one of us has a unique approach to link building, for both personal websites and large scale link building. If we are talking about large scale link building that turns into a whole new story as there are much more things to keep [...]

3 Free High-Quality Backlink Sources You Should Know

A few weeks ago I asked if there was anything you would like me to write about to further assist you with your search engine optimization efforts. The first person asked for help identifying some more free web directories for obtaining baclinks. So I’ve taken a look and identified these three high-quality web sites that [...]

Look Ma, No Toolbar! Tips For Quality Link Building Without PR

The following is a guest post by M.-J. Taylor of Years ago when Google regularly pushed PageRank (PR) data to its toolbar, figuring out the value of a potential link was pretty simple. The more PageRank, the fewer outbound links, the more valuable. Today, the toolbar isn’t even updated quarterly and webmasters have to [...]

How to Get a DoFollow Backlink from

Here’s another sneaky dofollow backlink you can get from the very authoritative domain, also known as the Way Back Machine. Any website that has an archive page on will already have a dofollow link pointing back to their website, however most site archives don’t appear to be crawlable from anywhere else on, [...]

Are These Footer Links Spammy?

Have you ever noticed a website with two to three odd looking footer links linking back to an SEO company and perhaps some of SEO company’s other websites? You know, the ones where someone has obviously gone out of their way optimize the anchor text on their client’s website in a way that looks a [...]

Is DMOZ Going Backwards?

Was going to submit a website to this category: But, after checking the page footer to see when the last time that category was updated I saw:

How to Get a DoFollow Link from Facebook

**4/20/11 – This may not work anymore. It doesn’t for me. This is pretty straight forward and easy to do, but I’ve included a few images here to show what I have done to enable a DoFollow backlink to my website from my public Facebook profile. When you are logged in your links will be [...]

29 Great Backlink Sources To Consider

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a huge master Excel document with most of the satisfactory to high-value backlink sources I can think of. A checklist if you will. Needless to say the list is extremely long and I’ve gotten a little burnt out now. I’m sure I’ve overlooked some very obvious [...]

What Makes a Quality Directory?

Paying to get listed in web directories is probably one of the most controversial issues when it comes to SEO. I’ve recommended a few quality directories on this website for awhile. Since I still get so many people asking if it is “really” okay to submit to directories, I thought it would be helpful to [...]

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