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Guess Which Email Optin Form Gets the Most Blog Subscriptions

I’m sure you have a good idea which email opt-in form placements work well on blogs, but have you actually figured out the numbers? If not, don’t worry, I’ll share mine with you in a minute. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been delving into our email analytics because I’m putting together an extremely [...]

Using Authorship to Stand out in Google SERPs

Over the past year or so you’ve probably noticed a lot of author profiles showing up in Google’s search results. That’s because Google launched authorship in search, which allows bloggers like myself to gain notoriety for sharing our knowledge and expertise. But, an authorship listing in Google’s search results isn’t guaranteed for everyone, and you [...]

The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks to all of you and Google for making 2010 such a great year. I hope it was a great year for you too. And your 2011 will be even better! In celebration of 2010 I thought it would be helpful to take a look back at this blog’s top 10 most [...]

How I Won an Apple iPad Using this Blog

I am pleased to announce that I’m the proud owner and winner of a new Apple iPad 3G. During October, Best of the Web Directory ran a contest for all Best of the Web (BOTW) affiliates. “The affiliate who earns the most commission by promoting the “SAVE20″ discount will also win an Apple iPad!!” Thankfully, [...]

Plugin to Redirect Your WordPress Feeds to Feedburner

A few weeks ago I wrote how to publish your RSS feed using the Feedburner MyBrand feature so that you can always keep your company or website name at the forefront. After I had this set-up and working I later had an issue when I tried to redirect my old RSS feed URL to Feedburner [...]

The Smartest Way to Publish Your RSS Feed

First off, if you’re not burning your RSS feed using Google FeedBurner, then you might want to look into that now. That is, if you’re not already keeping track of you’re blog’s subscriber stats using some other means. But even then, Google FeedBurner is probably a better solution than what you’re using now. For the [...]

Is Your New WordPress Blog Visible to the Search Engines?

Did you know, by default, your new WordPress installation is not visible to the search engines? Yep it’s true! Until you check the box under > settings > privacy, changing it from: “I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors” to “I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including [...]

Post To Your Blog Regularly

Lately I’ve been rather busy with appointments, proposals and client work. So I’ve had a difficult time finding time to post to this blog regularly. Which is a good thing actually. However, I was really starting to see some momentum here, and it’s kind of a bummer to watch both Google traffic and return visitors [...]

Limit Your WordPress Tag Cloud To Help Control PageRank Flow

Have you ever wondered how to limit the number of tags displayed in the sidebar when using the default tag cloud widget in WordPress? The default tag limit is fairly large; 45 tags in the latest version of WordPress. That can definitely affect your PageRank flow and link-to-text ratio some. A bit more useful on [...]

Why Does My Blog Post Appear, Disappear, and Reappear In Google?

Have you ever wondered why your blog posts immediately show up in Google then go away  the very next day or shortly afterward, and then reappears on some random day? I did too, until I figured out what was going on. Each time I posted to my blog, the new blog post would show up [...]

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