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Tips for Optimizing Craigslist Ads

If you work for or run a business with an opportunity to target customers locally, then I sure hope you’re not overlooking When I was seeking local SEO clients I couldn’t keep up with proposal requests during weeks I was running my Craigslist campaigns. My ads weren’t even all that appealing either. But, they [...]

2 HOT Business Directory Promotions for October 2010

New and BOTW directory Promotions during October. $100 OFF – 7 Day Directory Promo Code I just received an email from notifying me they are offering a 7 day Business directory promotion giving you $100 off your submission. That’s a HUGE 33% discount. If submitting to has been on the back [...]

Why I Buy backpage Sponsored Ads for All My Clients

A few months ago I wrote about adding the nofollow attribute to outbound links. Well, shortly after writing that post I discovered sponsored ads still weren’t using NoFollow on outbound links. So I decided to look into sponsored ad links a little more. I discovered that backpage actually offered some some really great advertising [...]

Tags: How To Sponsor Your Google Maps Listing

A few weeks ago when Google changed the name of the Local Business Center to Google Places they also introduced a few new features. One of those features was the ability to enhance your local Google maps listing with a sponsored advertisement which they call tags. These yellow tags and corresponding links cost $25 and [...]

All My Backpage Ads Were Community Removed

It had been several months since this last happened and I thought the problem had been fixed, but apparently it is not because last week some time ALL of my Backpage ads were “community removed”! I have been using’s free classifieds for a couple of years now, so I am well-versed in their “terms [...]

Should I Use NoFollow On Affiliate Links?

Recently I added a few affiliate links to this website. One of which is, which requires no additional affiliate code to track referrals. Technically speaking, it should be getting its full share of link juice. I have always recommended Best of The Web Directory to my readers and my clients, and was blogging about [...]

Craigslist Posting Servers are Busy Again

The Craigslist Posting servers are currently busy. Please try again in 20 minutes. This is the message I have received every time I’ve posted my ads to over the last several weeks. I wonder if the constant slowdowns are going to cause Craigslist to change the way they offer their services and perhaps even [...]

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