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AntAs you probably know by now, there are a few directories I recommend you get your business website listed in.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could submit multiple websites to them without feeling like a spammer?

Well three of the directories I recommend most frequently allow you to do just that by becoming a volunteer directory editor. Those three are JoeAnt, BOTW, and DMOZ.

Becoming an editor doesn’t necessarily give you a free pass on submitting crappy websites, however it does get you a little more involved in the approval process and has other benefits like understanding what goes on behind the scenes, networking, and possibly getting multiple websites listed into them for free.

Both and already allow for free submissions without having to become an editor; however, BOTW only allows free “blog” submissions.

Beyond that there isn’t any real financial benefit to becoming an editor, however the insights learned by becoming one can go a long way. Especially because these three directories are 3 of only a very few general directories Google hasn’t come down with the hammer on. Volunteer for your favorite category, and you likely be introduced to quite a few great websites you hadn’t known prior.

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  • December 14th, 2009 at 8:44 pm Wesley LeFebvre said:

    I just had my first free submission approved today! It took a lot of resubmitting to get it approved, but that is actually a good thing. If they had a lenient approval policy, Google would penalize them like most other general directories.

    I submitted three websites. The first two haven’t even been addressed yet, and it has been over a month, however the third one was sent back to me for corrections within a couple of days.

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