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How I Recovered from the Google Panda Slap - August 6, 2012

A while ago I wrote about some websites that were hit by a Google Panda Update. One of our readers also took a beating, but has since made a full recovery and left some great comments about his experience. He shared so much I thought It deserved an entire blog post. So I asked him [...]

5 Steps to Ranking Higher in the Search Engines - March 9, 2012

Search engines deliver most websites anywhere from 50% up to 90% of their overall traffic, and for many companies search engines deliver 75-90% of their online revenues. But if you want to get this kind of traffic and revenues from search engines, you need to rank on the first page, and probably in the top [...]

Top 10 SEO Apps for iPad - November 21, 2011

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to get your website or blog ranked within the search engines. And if you have an Apple iPad with mobile broadband you can perform SEO tasks right through your device, from just about anywhere, using one of these top search engine marketing apps: Google Analytics for [...]

Google’s Next Moves? - August 16, 2011

The following is a guest post by Mark Barry from Integrity SEO Experts. Since the notorious Google Panda/Farmer update in February 2011 there has been considerable speculation about what the updated algorithm means in the long term. Going back a bit, Google’s algorithm was set to determine what type of content a website was offering. [...]

How to Approach Link Building for Quality Links - May 26, 2011

The following is a guest post by Zac from Dejan SEO. Each one of us has a unique approach to link building, for both personal websites and large scale link building. If we are talking about large scale link building that turns into a whole new story as there are much more things to keep [...]

Look Ma, No Toolbar! Tips For Quality Link Building Without PR - November 8, 2010

The following is a guest post by M.-J. Taylor of Cyber-Key.com. Years ago when Google regularly pushed PageRank (PR) data to its toolbar, figuring out the value of a potential link was pretty simple. The more PageRank, the fewer outbound links, the more valuable. Today, the toolbar isn’t even updated quarterly and webmasters have to [...]

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