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Creator of and contributor to SEOrankings.com. Owner of Seattle Web Services, an Internet Media company that creates helpful content and provides useful tools to help people perform tasks online. Find me on Google+.

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4 Recent Google Updates that Shook the Industry - November 6, 2012

Over the past 2 years there have been several major Google updates felt throughout the world. It’s the first time in recent years I’ve seen so much chatter about algorithm changes; the big ones have been happening more frequently, with code names such as Panda, Penguin, Top-Heavy and EMD Update. It’s also the first time [...]

Why You Should Set a Preferred Domain and How (WWW or Non-WWW) - September 27, 2012

A little while back a commenter reminded me of a very important optimization step I had nearly forgotten about because I’ve become so accustomed to working with WordPress, which does most of the work for you. It’s choosing and setting a preferred domain for each website, e.g., www.mysite.com or mysite.com. A typical WordPress installation sets [...]

Guess Which Email Optin Form Gets the Most Blog Subscriptions - August 21, 2012

I’m sure you have a good idea which email opt-in form placements work well on blogs, but have you actually figured out the numbers? If not, don’t worry, I’ll share mine with you in a minute. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been delving into our email analytics because I’m putting together an extremely [...]

Upgraded Theme, New Member Tools and More… - August 1, 2012

Well it’s been a long time coming, but SEOrankings.com finally got a makeover! I spent the weekend and the better half of this week migrating over the new website, and am excited to say that today we ‘officially’ launched the new member tools and WordPress theme! I can’t say that it went off without a [...]

Is Your Backlink Profile Worse Than You Think? - June 6, 2012

Most of us have a pretty good idea where we’re getting the majority of our own backlinks from. But, unless you’re extremely diligent about monitoring your website’s backlink profile, it could be a lot worse than you think. Which is how it was for a few of the sites I run. Recently, I’ve been forced [...]

Find Backlinks Using HOT New Tool: Ahrefs - April 17, 2012

When Yahoo! Site Explorer shut down I was pretty bummed because there weren’t many functioning alternatives available. That was primarily due to the fact that most of the backlink analysis tools relied on Yahoo! Site Explorer’s link data. At the time the only two worthwhile data sources left were OpenSiteExplorer and MajesticSEO. However, shortly after [...]

Using Authorship to Stand out in Google SERPs - February 20, 2012

Over the past year or so you’ve probably noticed a lot of author profiles showing up in Google’s search results. That’s because Google launched authorship in search, which allows bloggers like myself to gain notoriety for sharing our knowledge and expertise. But, an authorship listing in Google’s search results isn’t guaranteed for everyone, and you [...]

5 CHEAP Ways to Brand Your Website Today - February 9, 2012

Does your website give off a branded vibe, or does it fail here? I hope it’s not falling short, because I think you already have an idea how important branding is to any business, online or off. But if that’s not enough, I’m here to tell you now’s an extremely crucial time to establish it [...]

Free SEO eBook - January 7, 2012

I’m pleased to announce that my eBook, A Practical Guide To SEO, is finished! Another totally free resource for our email subscribers. If you’re not already an email subscriber (through Aweber not Feedburner) then you might want to subscribe now. It’s absolutely free, and you’ll get immediate access to this guide plus more great content [...]

Last-Minute Tips for Christmas Optimization Success - December 20, 2011

So it’s Christmastime again, and you’re not quite sure how to get Christmas shoppers to your site from the search engines. Or perhaps you’re just wondering if it’s even worth your time optimizing for. Actually, it’s really easy to get your site in front of millions Christmas shoppers within just a few minutes, even if [...]

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