Taking Advantage of Press Releases

magazinesDo you know how to submit a press release? Well, it’s actually really easy. And if you’re short on cash, there are several free press release websites to help you get started. You probably won’t get picked up by any of the major news sources by submitting a free press release. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of reasons to do it.

Just take a look at ever major company, nine times out of ten they submit regular press releases.

Here are several advantages to submitting a press release:

  • Shows professionalism
  • Could be picked up by a major news source
  • Includes a link back to your website
  • Will likely get picked up and referenced on several other websites
  • Provides exposure in front of an entirely new audience
  • Helps with branding

So when should you submit a press release?

Here are some items you might consider newsworthy:

  • Release of a new product
  • Offering new services
  • Launching a new website
  • Opening a new office
  • Establishing a new partnership
  • Hiring a new executive
  • Offering a new special

See, there are plenty of really great reasons to submit a press release.

Here are a few press release websites to consider:

- prweb
- prlog
- 24x7pressrelease
- free-press-release

Just try to be sure whatever you have to say is truly newsworthy.

Do you have a favorite press release website?

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