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Simplify Your SEO Business

Well the results are in and it’s clear I’m not the only who’s struggled with time-management issues while running an SEO business online. Luckily, there are a ton of resources and tools to make our lives easier. I’m gonna share a few of the things that REALLY helped free up time and take my business [...]

Take a Load Off

OMG – I feel like a new man and I’m not really sure what to do with myself. Because over the past several years I’ve gotten extremely good at spreading myself too thin. 16 hour days have been the norm. I’ve worked on numerous projects and, in all honesty, never fully-completed any of them. Not [...]

Mad Rush to Create YouTube Videos

Last week there was major buzz going around about the latest Google Panda update 2.5. And as usual, there was plenty of controversy. One of the most controversial items discussed over the weekend and last week was YouTube topping the list of winners AGAIN. Yep, that’s right. Youtube, as well Google’s and partner AOL, [...]

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