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Market Samurai Review

Market Samurai is a niche online marketing tool that allows you to quickly and easily target high-profit, low-competition markets with a just few strokes of the keyboard and a couple of clicks of the mouse. It’s a highly praised software program that’s tailored specifically to help you make more money through keyword research and content [...]

Tips for Optimizing Craigslist Ads

If you work for or run a business with an opportunity to target customers locally, then I sure hope you’re not overlooking When I was seeking local SEO clients I couldn’t keep up with proposal requests during weeks I was running my Craigslist campaigns. My ads weren’t even all that appealing either. But, they [...]

Look Ma, No Toolbar! Tips For Quality Link Building Without PR

The following is a guest post by M.-J. Taylor of Years ago when Google regularly pushed PageRank (PR) data to its toolbar, figuring out the value of a potential link was pretty simple. The more PageRank, the fewer outbound links, the more valuable. Today, the toolbar isn’t even updated quarterly and webmasters have to [...]

blekko: The Search Engine for SEOs

Have you heard about blekko yet? I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t. It just launched a few days ago. Most people outside of the tech space probably wont know about blekko for a very long time, if ever. However, for those of us who spend a substantial amount of our business life online, blekko [...]

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