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Changed Title Tags and Lost Rankings

I blogged about this nearly 3 years ago, but some people didn’t believe me back then, and I imagine there are still plenty of skeptics now. From my experience, changing your home page title tags too often can temporarily result in a HUGE loss in rankings! The title tag is one of the most heavily [...]

Is Google Watching You?

I’m probably just super-paranoid, but some times I feel like Google is watching my every move and removing opportunities that would be available to someone who didn’t publicly admit they were an SEO. Prior to the last PageRank update I felt it was appropriate to submit this blog to a few quality web directories. Before [...]

What Makes a Quality Directory?

Paying to get listed in web directories is probably one of the most controversial issues when it comes to SEO. I’ve recommended a few quality directories on this website for awhile. Since I still get so many people asking if it is “really” okay to submit to directories, I thought it would be helpful to [...]

Using Multiple Domain Names to Rank for Related Keywords

A few months ago I bid on an SEO project for a local contractor in the Seattle area. We had agreed on some terms and planned on moving forward. He seemed committed to the project, but for whatever reason I never heard from him again. I followed up a few times but then wrote it [...]

SeoQuake Toolbar Review

I’ve been meaning to write this post for almost a year now, but I just keep coming up with other things to write about. For those of you who do SEO on a daily basis, you probably already know how much easier an SEO toolbar can make your job. But if you’re not using one, [...]

All My Backpage Ads Were Community Removed

It had been several months since this last happened and I thought the problem had been fixed, but apparently it is not because last week some time ALL of my Backpage ads were “community removed”! I have been using’s free classifieds for a couple of years now, so I am well-versed in their “terms [...] – Free Business Listing Review

Right now there seems to be a mad rush to get listed in free local listing services like Google Maps and other location-based search service websites. If you’re like most people, you probably get a little overwhelmed trying to figure out which of these online websites to submit to too. Of course there is likely [...]

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