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How To Get A Free Subscription To Website Magazine

Do you ever get tired of sitting behind the computer and wishing you had more industry related articles in print to read? I know I do. If you answered yes, then I highly recommend subscribing to Website Magazine. Website Magazine offers a free quarterly subscription as well as an upgraded paid subscription to their increasingly [...]

Best Way To Structure Your URLs – The Basics

They answer to the best way to structure your URLs may vary a little, however I think most SEOs will recommend something very similar what I recommend. When structuring your URLs two things to consider are how memorable it will be to the end-user, and how it will be treated by the search engine (including [...]

Why Does My Blog Post Appear, Disappear, and Reappear In Google?

Have you ever wondered why your blog posts immediately show up in Google then go away  the very next day or shortly afterward, and then reappears on some random day? I did too, until I figured out what was going on. Each time I posted to my blog, the new blog post would show up [...]

Become A Volunteer Directory Editor

As you probably know by now, there are a few directories I recommend you get your business website listed in. Wouldn’t it be great if you could submit multiple websites to them without feeling like a spammer? Well three of the directories I recommend most frequently allow you to do just that by becoming a [...]

My SalesForce CRM 14 Day Free Trial Review

Lately it has become very time consuming tracking leads/contacts/opportunities from all of the different sources, and I have been in desperate need of a real CRM solution. The Microsoft Excel/Outlook/Business Contact Manager mess just isn’t cutting it anymore. So recently I started researching what similar companies were using to capture and track web leads and conversions. [...]

Manual Link-Building is Still Cost-Effective and Realistic for Small Businesses

Regardless of what some high-profile SEO bloggers might say regarding manual link-building and paid links, I still think they have their place. It is careless to inculcate a one-size fits all when it comes to link-building. While manual link-building is becoming less and less relevant, it is still one of the the most cost-effective ways [...]

Be Sure To Get The Most Out Of Your Free Directory Listings

While free directory listings typically don’t carry much link value, many of them do offer ways for you to optimize your ranking within them. Higher rankings usually means more visitors and less hops from the home page; theoretically equaling more link-juice, 99% of the time. Unfortunately, most link-building companies still tout quantity of links being [...]

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