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SEO Is Like A Can Of Soup

More specifically, SEO is like a can of Campbell’s Vegetable Beef soup. Why Campbell’s Vegetable Beef soup? Call me crazy but I love the stuff. I’m not going to lie, I also hate to cook. Actually, I dislike cooking so much I usually eat my soup right out of the can. I know, that’s not [...]

What I Found Using Bing’s Webmaster Tools

Okay, so Bing doesn’t have the best webmaster tools available, but they are worth noting. You can access Bing’s tools here; and you’ll need a or Hotmail account. Similar to Google’s and Yahoo!’s webmaster tools you’ll need to submit and verify your account with a verification file or meta tag. Once you have your [...]

Should You Use the Keywords Meta Tag?

Are you wondering if the Keywords Meta Tag will help with your SEO efforts? Well Google reportedly doesn’t take note of your Keywords Meta Tag, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. There are many companies out there who say the keywords meta tag is worthless, and to some extent, I agree. However, when [...]

Craigslist Posting Servers are Busy Again

The Craigslist Posting servers are currently busy. Please try again in 20 minutes. This is the message I have received every time I’ve posted my ads to over the last several weeks. I wonder if the constant slowdowns are going to cause Craigslist to change the way they offer their services and perhaps even [...]

Getting Listed in Google is Easy

So you’ve created your first website and you want to know the quickest way to get it listed in the Google search results. Well never fear, getting your new website listed is easy! The simplest way to get listed in Google’s index is by adding a link from another website to yours. Yes, it’s really [...]

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