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Bruce Clay’s SEMToolBar Review

Yes, it seems this is the year of the SEO Toolbar. Many of the major SEO experts have released them recently, and I have found some features very advantageous. That’s why I continue to share them here with you. Bruce Clay’s SEMToolBar was released back in May, and even though I haven’t had much time [...]

Does the Description Meta Tag Help with SEO?

You may be wondering if the Description Meta Tag helps with SEO.  Well, the answer to that question depends. What is your definition of SEO? Is it just increasing your site’s search engine ranking; or is it increasing your site’s search rankings, visitors, quality of visitors, and conversions? Well if you answered the latter – [...]

How Important Is The Title Tag For SEO?

The title tag is VERY important for SEO; perhaps the most significant on-page search engine ranking factor. Just check out this recent survey taken by 72 top SEO experts. According to my experience, and this survey, using keywords in your title tag holds the most significant weight when determining a page’s search engine ranking. Almost [...]

SEO For Bloggers Video By Matt Cutts Of Google

This SEO for Bloggers Video by Matt Cutts of Google provides fantastic insight into the basics of SEO for bloggers and non-bloggers alike: What You Need To Know: Matt Cutts WordCamp San Francisco 2009. You can Download the PowerPoint Here

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Choosing Keywords For Your Website

One of the first places to start when doing SEO on your website is keyword research. Each page of your website should be optimized for 1-3 keywords or key phrases. So it’s a good idea to do a little keyword research before you work on optimizing each page of your website.

WolframAlpha – Computational Knowledge Search Engine

I’ve had a draft post sitting here regarding WolframAlpha for several months now, and thought I’d better share it with you before it’s really old news. I really like where they are going with, as a web reference. Although the name and Internet address are terrible in regards to SE).  Previsously, before I saved a [...]

SEOmoz Launches New SEO Toolbar – mozBar

This is a follow up to a previous post regarding an easy way to check nofollow links. On their blog today, SEOmoz announced their new SEO Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox – the mozBar. This toolbar also allows you to quickly identify nofollow links. While I think the Show Nofollows feature is great, overall toolbar lacks [...]

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