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Major Components of Search Engine Optimization – SEO

There are many companies out there who claim they will get you top rankings by submitting your web site to thousands of directories and search engines for little to nothing. While that may help a little, the impact will be minor, and you’ll likely be very disappointed with the results. Here is a list of 5 major components that should be addressed [...]

Easy Way To Check Nofollow Links

If you plan on doing SEO, then you need to know about the nofollow HTML attribute. If you’re not familiar with nofollow, you can read Google’s explanation. If you’re like me, then you may find yourself frustrated by the nofollow attribute. I hate looking at web page source code every time I check out potential link partners, or identifying where I placed nofollow [...]

Landing Page Optimization – 7 Deadly Sins

Many website owners are constantly focusing so much time on driving traffic to their site, they forget to think about the best ways to handle the visitors once they land there. I watched this great, but long, video on “Landing Page Optimzation” by Tim Ash of You can watch the video here, but I’ll also [...]

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